Neuromodulation by Medtrode Inc.
Remote Programming Platform
Medtrode is expanding the remote programming module originally designed for their proprietary IPG into a platform compatible with various wirelessly programmable implants. This development is a collaborative effort between Medtrode Inc., Medix Technology Inc., and University of Waterloo with funding assistance from the OCE - HTX Business Partnership
This platform offers the following advantages:
  • Programming service can be provided regardless of the physical
    locations of the medical specialist and the patient
  • Specialist can access relevant diagnostic parameters as well as
    audio-visual data for assessment
  • System is designed to be compliant with North American privacy and
    security standards
  • Liability is traceable through the session logs stored on a secure server
  • Patient-side device is designed with usability guidelines for the elderly and movement impaired
  • Flexible and modular design offers fast integration with new implant designs
  • Device can be configured to program multiple implants
Medtrode is currently looking for commercial partners who would be interested in the opportunity to include remote programming capabilities with their implantable products. Medtrode offers the engineering service
to integrate these implants with the remote programming platform.
Specifically, Medtrode would develop the required hardware, i.e. specific programming mechanisms and diagnostic sensors, and the required software, i.e. communication protocols and programming user interface.