Neuromodulation by Medtrode Inc.




Medtrode is a medical device company pioneering the development of neuromodulation therapy for cognitive and memory disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, which are among the most debilitating neurodegenerative disorders.


Medtrode’s unique solution is based on its proprietary neuromodulation technology and method to precisely control the behavior of a targeted brain region by adaptively pacing neurons, thus restoring function of the affected neuronal pathways. This method can also enhance neuronal plasticity, potentially enhancing circuit transmission or slowing down the neurodegenerative processes.

Furthermore, the precise delivery of neurostimulation has a broader range of applications as a next-generation treatment for diseases such as Parkinson’s, depression, compulsive disorders as well as in neuroprosthesis for restoring vision, hearing and movement. A technology driven division of Medtrode will be established to develop revenue trajectories resulting from licensing and supplying technology for these indications which promise to create a multi-billion dollar industry.

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